Manage Stress

Find Balance  

Compassionate Healing Services believes that access to quality healthcare--including mental health services--should be a right for all, not a privilege for the wealthy.  As someone who lived with undiagnosed bipolar disorder and complex PTSD for decades, Kathleen’s personal experience with the healing and transformative power of a consistent yoga and meditation practice as a “back door” to gaining physical and mental health ignited a passion to teach these mindfulness practices to as many people as possible. Our PAY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD model, as well as our willingness to offer classes in non-traditional spaces, is intended to give access to high-quality yoga to all communities regardless of median income. Over time we hope the generosity of our wealthier clients will help to fund community education and other needed services for little to no cost to underprivileged clients and communities. In addition to affordable yoga, CHS provides a variety of other preventative wellness services including, Intuitive Eating education and Thai Yoga.