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About Kathleen Schwarz PT, RYT, Owner:

I’ve never cared to do anything with my life and career besides helping others. With this mission in mind, I graduated with my Master of Physical Therapy degree from Stockton University in 2002 and have spent the last 16 years working in a variety of settings including acute rehabilitation, hospital-based care, assisted living facilities, dementia units, home care and currently, outpatient orthopedics. In 2016, following a severe mental health breakdown after the birth of my second child, I took my first Lifepower yoga class, a style created for Lifetime Athletic by Johnny Kest and taught to me by my amazing teacher and friend Alexander Schimmel. I found yoga after a 20 year struggle with food and alcohol abuse and using dieting and exercise as a form of punishment. In 2015, my therapist introduced me to a book called “Intuitive Eating” by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, and that discovery put me on the path to recovery. It wasn’t until I developed a yoga practice, however, that I found true health and self-acceptance. I graduated yoga teacher training in December 2016.


I created this business in 2017--originally under the name Zenmom Yoga, LLC--because I recognized early on that yoga was a way for me to address my frustrations with our healthcare system and how reactive it is rather than focusing on proactive wellness and prevention. In January 2018, I became level one certified in Thai Yoga. Shortly after I changed the name to Compassionate Healing Services to more accurately reflect the breadth of services I am qualified to provide. I am currently working toward certification as an Intuitive Eating Counselor and expect to complete it in early 2019.