Private Yoga:

60 minute private session: $80

Semi-private 60 minute session for two: $110

Semi-private 60 minute session for three: $150


Private Group Instruction/Parties (minimum 5 students):

$20 per student per class plus space rental, if applicable

Note that travel cost MAY apply for private instruction.


Video Coaching

Kathleen offers coaching packages for clients interested in personalized, one on one support to navigate eating intuitively, adopting a body positive mindset, managing stress/anxiety or learning mindfulness. Coaching platform is Zoom video conferencing. Physical therapy services are not available remotely.

Package of 4 forty minute calls: $200

Thai Yoga

60 min session: $80

Package of 5: $350

90 min session: $100

Package of 5: $450

Couples Thai Package: $300

Total of three 90 min sessions. Each person schedules a 1:1 session with Kathleen. The third session is spent teaching the couple how to perform favorite techniques on one another.

“Medically Informed” Package: $500

Total of five 90 min sessions. Ideal for clients with significant medical concerns or those rehabilitating from injury. Kathleen will use her physical therapy expertise to design 5 sessions that will help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

See “Thai Yoga” tab for photos and testimonials!