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Here’s What Clients Are Saying About Thai Yoga:

“I have never experienced such a calm and relaxing session. I was so relaxed that I may have dozed off a few times. Kathleen was gentle and very soothing! Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience.” Marta R

“From the moment I walked into her home I felt the warmth and lightness from Kathleen. The space is absolutely stunning—so inviting and vibrant and yet still soothing. She really set the tone beautifully and I felt completely relaxed before we even started. The most memorable part of my experience with Kathleen is her ability to hold space—to be completely present and in tune with what my body needed. There is such an authenticity and genuine nature about Kathleen that sets her apart from other practitioners. My session was to offer some relief from health related pain and other tightness in my body. No amount of medication could come close to offering me the kind of relief I felt at the end of my session. Kathleen is the real deal. Do yourself a favor and book a session. You will not regret it.” ——Christine B

This morning I had the pleasure of getting a private Thai yoga session by Kathleen Schwarz. It was incredible! I’m hooked! I literally want to start my day like that everyday! You can tell she has a deep understanding of the body. With her background in yoga and physical therapy, I felt like she knew exactly what I needed. I’m so excited that she offers this now and will definitely be putting this into my self care routine! Thank you so much Kathleen! —Lisa G.

“This the first time I had a Thai yoga session, and it was the most amazing experience. Kathleen set a magical ambiance in her studio. I am never going back to regular massages. Thank you Kathleen for introducing me to Thai yoga.” -- Denise L.

“Amazing session! I was told I needed to do more self-care, and this is the answer. Thank you, Kathleen! -- Colleen B.

“Thank you for my beautiful session and for the uplifting discussion. Keep shining your light to give help and hope to all those struggling with weight issues. Your insight really helped me look at things from a very different perspective. You are very wise and your voice and massage is so relaxing. Thank you again, I know I will be back.” —Patty W.

“This massage is the best. I am going for my second session next month. Kathleen makes you feel warm, comfortable, light and energized. I highly recommend a session so you can see what I am talking about. It is truly heavenly.” – Millie C.

“Just book Kathleen right now. It’s amazing. And she is full of love and compassion and makes you feel so yummy.” – Jenny S.

“Thanks for an enjoyable and enlightening night for our first introduction to Thai Yoga! We didn’t know what to expect and you made this new experience very interesting and relaxing. You did a great job of leading the session, explaining and demonstrating each move. We look forward to practicing these new techniques at home.  Thank you again for a fun evening!” - Pete & Christine I.

“Thank you for opening your home and this lovely, comfortable space to meditate and learn a few things about Thai yoga. You are gentle and so diverse in this field, and I’m happy we have crossed paths in this life. I purchased a Xmas gift certificate for Dan and I, and it was money well spent  - Yara R.

“Such an amazing class with Kathleen Schwarz. Partner Thai yoga flow opened my eyes and my heart to the power of healing touch.” - Carly I.

“I don’t think I’ve ever relaxed as much as I did during my Thai yoga massage from Kathleen. Her techniques allowed for me to decompress my entire body and leave feeling refreshed and renewed! Thank you so much!” - Angela C.

“Awesome class! So relaxing and a great connection to my partner.” - Laurie R.

“Fantastic experience. She is a great teacher and easy to follow.” - Frank S.

“Great class that teaches partners how to stretch and relax each other! Thank you!” - Tracy S.

“Kathleen is a true natural. Her Thai partner yoga was an awesome way to connect. She has a genuine gift - and also a physical therapy background allowing her to share knowledge as well.  Such a treat!” - Amy S.

“Great session. Relaxing. Fosters trust and surrender. Great for building connection.” - Stefanie and Steve C.

“I absolutely loved the workshop. The cues were perfect for me and my partner. The moves were explained very clearly, and there was someone to help me when I didn’t understand! I loved it!”  - Emma A.

“Amazing workshop. Had to switch partners last minute, and she made us both feel comfortable like we knew each other our whole lives. It was amazing, simple, and life-changing.”  - K.D.

“I learned how to give and receive. Relaing, positive learning vibe! Amazing!” - Heather M.

“Thoughtful guidance and details for a well-enjoyed partner experience.” - Emily and Jeremiah

“Thank you for teaching my husband and I Thai Yoga massage techniques at Lifetime.   We had no idea what to expect when I asked my husband to do this with me. It was so much more relaxing than either of us could have dreamed.  We were taught so many ways to touch and connect with one another. We learned new positions and new massage techniques and we learned to play with how much pressure we use in different areas.  It was a great way to spend an afternoon. Thanks so much.” - Stacey C.


Thai Yoga Pricing

60 min session: $80

Package of 5: $350

90 min session: $100

Package of 5: $450

Couples Thai Package: $300

Total of three 90 min sessions. Each person schedules a 1:1 session with Kathleen. The third session is spent teaching the couple how to perform favorite techniques on one another.

“Medically Informed” Package: $500

Total of five 90 min sessions. Ideal for clients with significant medical concerns or those rehabilitating from injury. Kathleen will use her physical therapy expertise to design 5 sessions that will help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

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