Yin Yoga

Yin is the practice of letting go of what we’re holding onto physically, mentally and emotionally. Students are guided into meditation followed by long-held, grounded poses intended to slowly release the connective tissue while observing the natural breath. This practice challenges students to go deeper into the body, mind and spirit but is appropriate for all levels of fitness.

Body Positive Surrender

When: August 23rd at 6:45pm (final dates in this location)

Where: Lifetime Athletic, 3939 Church Rd., Mount Laurel, NJ

Cost: FREE! Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to sign gym waiver.

Beginners and bodies of all shapes and sizes welcome and encouraged!

Gentle Yoga *

This is a yang-style class that will teach the fundamentals of yogic breath and movement. Poses are accessible or can be modified for everyone regardless of age, size or aerobic capacity. Chairs are available if needed. Students are encouraged to tap into their intuition in order to feel what their bodies and minds are capable of.

*Class dates coming soon!