The Sun Will Come Out Eventually

Fall is upon us, and frankly, I ain’t mad about it. I had a summer filled with seemingly endless personal and professional highs and lows.  Stevie and I found our sea legs in regards to running Compassionate Healing Services, and I spent approximately the same number of days appreciating having my boys home with me and counting the weeks until their return to school. (That’s called balance.)

Now that school has been back in session and we’ve settled into our routine, I have more time again to devote to self care and reflection. As my fortieth birthday nears, it’s become apparent to me that humans move through different seasons in life, not unlike our planet does. These seasons are far less predictable, though, and we often have no idea when they will come to an end. Some are relatively joyful and calm; others violently shake the foundation beneath our feet and force us to start completely anew.

I recently had a Chinese fortune cookie that informed me “the only thing contained in absolutely everything is wisdom.” Now that’s a smart cookie!

No matter the challenge you’re facing, there is a valuable lesson contained within. Maybe you’re learning what you're capable of, or whom to trust, or where your boundaries lie. Maybe you're gaining experience for a career that you haven’t yet dreamed for yourself. Shifting my perspective in this way helps me find clarity in the chaos when I’m in the middle of one of life’s many storms. It helps me to accept the reality of situation I am in, not the one I wish I was in or the one that seems fair. It focuses my attention on what I actually have control over instead of obsessing over details that I have no power to change.

If you're in a rough season of life, change what you can, accept what you can’t, and don’t give up on finding your way back to peace and calm. The sun will come out, eventually.

Kathleen Schwarz