Be Grateful For Your Right Now Body

I was doing an exercise with one of my coaching clients that I think would benefit literally everyone. Do this as a one time thing, or leave room to add on as often as you're inspired to.

List all the things your RIGHT NOW body can do that you're grateful for.

Having trouble? Start simple:

1. Breathe on my own. 2.Turn over in bed. 3. Eat without help. 4. Drink thin liquids. 5. Use the bathroom without assistance.

These are all things that you are likely taking for granted, and you are not alone. I would too, were it not for my profession of physical therapy. Working in acute rehab, I'm FORTUNATE to help people fighting battles with their bodies they never imagined they'd face. Those who face it with courage and tenacity are my greatest teachers, but I also bear witness to a lot of heartache. It never fails to leave me humbled and grounded in this work.

It's one of a million reasons I can no longer get on board with body shaming of any kind. Our bodies work 24/7 to keep us alive in ways unseen and unappreciated, and when challenge meets will, bodies are capable of truly amazing feats. Yes, even fat and ill and injured and disfigured ones.

We are all fighting battles in our own lives, but if you can walk across the room and meet your basic needs, I promise that you do have a body to be grateful for. Start thanking it.

Kathleen Schwarz