“Always a transformative and inspiring practice. Thank you so much for offering this beautiful session.” - Lynn

”WOW!! The only negative is this was my first class with Kathleen and it’s her last one at this gym. I really enjoyed it!” - Joy

“I feel so very mellow now. That was a great experience for me. I was really in a beautiful place by the latter half of the class.” - Gil

“Kathleen’s classes are always stimulating yet gentle. I think she should have a FREE class once a month to introduce the practice of yoga. Many are inspired to continue. Her gentle nature makes her class a welcoming adventure.” - Keturah

“Your class helps me settle right down into feeling serene and centered. It always seems like you say the exact right thing for me.” - Karen

“I only wish I would’ve taken all your classes. Thank you.” - Mike

“I pray Lifetime gym brings Kathleen back! She is so nurturing and a treat!” - Y.M.

”Thank you for that beautiful yin class! The environment you created and maintained in that room was so caring and peaceful. I loved the self-love that you spoke to throughout practice. Wonderful, beautiful job - especially with the sequencing of shapes along the spine! I’m so glad I had the chance to take your class.” - Kelly

“Calming!” - Mary

“Kathleen’s body positive yoga is fantastic. I’ve come to love this class and this lady!! - Ritsa

“Kathleen’s yoga class is gentle and relaxing and leaves you feeling renewed and invigorated.” - Marianne

“So happy I attended all your classes… Loved it!” - Rosalind

“Kathleen not only allows for a physical release but an emotional release as well.” - Mary Kate

“What a peaceful and much needed experience. Thank you” - Amanda

“That was AMAZING!” - Kara

“Kathleen, thank you so much for organizing these ‘free yoga’ sessions for us all. You are an amazing individual and I am so happy to have crossed paths with you! xoxo” - L.

“You are the best! xoxo” - R.

“Everything in your class was exactly what I needed!”

“Very, very nurturing and soothing.”

“You are wonderful. Thank you so much!” - Stacy

“Giving a HUGE shout out this morning to Kathleen Schwarz of Compassionate Healing Services! As she is a long time friend, I happened to see Kathleen two days ago with *debilitating* back pain. I had pulled a muscle so badly that breathing caused intense pain, then driven to visit her family while en route to a family memorial in PA. Needless to say, I was a giant wreck upon arriving at her house. But, she helped restore my mobility AND decrease my pain by 80 % through massage and stretching within 30 minutes of arriving to her house. Two days later, I am almost back to 100%.

If you live in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area - or heck, the dark side of the moon - and find yourself in pain due to accident or injury, please seek out Kathleen for help. She knows our physiology head to toe and is a true healer!” - Christina F.

“I LOVE this! It is an honor.” - Keturah L.

“I absolutely LOVE your yoga series. I have been to two classes and will keep coming. I will spread the word  well. You have met your calling. So special.” - Jill S.

“An absolutely amazing class! Thank you, Kathleen.”

“Restorative, healing, and nourishing.”

“Thank you for the amazing Yin Yoga class yesterday! You’re amazing!”

- Denise L.

“This is a great Friday night Yoga Series going on at Lifetime Fitness. I have been to 2 and they are INCREDIBLE. Kathleen Schwarz IS AMAZING and has ABSOLUTELY met her calling!


I will be there each month! If you’re interested, LET ME KNOW. We can go together!” - Jill S.

“My first class. Very good to learn not just to hear about yoga, breathing, and stretching. It started off with aches yet got better. Glad to have joined you Kathleen. Great, great work!”

“When I hear the work ‘inversions’ in relation to yoga, my first thought is…nope. Not even in my scope of practice. Handstands…Handstands?!?! Hard pass. And I’ve been ok with accepting the fact that I can’t do inversions. But last night, Kathleen helped me realize I’ve been doing them all along! Forward fold, downward facing dog, bridge pose, waterfall pose…ALL INVERSIONS. Thanks, Kathleen, for enabling and empowering me to experience my most successful Surrender to date.” —Tru Adams

“So relaxing! Perfect end to a stressful week!

“Wonderful, restorative, relaxing, and detail-oriented! Thank you!” - E.P.

“Healing, rejuvenating, and wonderful!” - L.

“Amazing. Thank you for taking the time to help me.” - Nancy

“Thanks, Kathleen for a relaxing, calming evening full of positive energy.” - Marianne

“A relaxing, positive experience.” - Lisa

“Kathleen, you are inspiring and incredible. Thank you for sharing your love and light.” - Lynn P.

“The class has wonderful energy.” - Barbara M.

“I really enjoyed your yoga class. I had a great time. I will be back. This was my first time, and I didn’t know what to expect! I had a blast!” - Nicole G.

“Wonderful Friday night treat! thank you for your spirit!”

“Phenomenal! Thank you for loving us enough to do this.”

“Due to circumstances beyond our control, our session was unexpectedly (and comically) eventful; however, Kathleen rolled with the changes with gentle grace and a smile. Thank you for such a wonderful soul-satisfying experience! Namaste.”


“Kathleen did a beautiful job empowering us through inspiring, mindful words as well as physical movement!”


“Kathleen’s yoga class was just what I needed today. Connecting to breath, nature and myself was a wonderful experience. Her flow was fitting for everyone. Thank you!” – Lori J.


“You (Kathleen) were moving. The tone of your voice was soothing. You inspired me to get back up after I fell.” – Megan H.

“I so connected with you, your testimony, and your inspiring words! I have to hire you for a girls’ well-being night of yoga and maybe a massage and physical therapy. #everything” – Colleen H.


“Thank you so very much. This was emotional for me. I’ve been wishing to be closer to my father since he died. I think I found him here in this garden. These teachings remind me so much of how he lived.” - Heather

“My in-home session with Kathleen was very enlightening. As a beginner at yoga, it was very freeing to be able to practice mindfulness. Kathleen is a wonderful teacher! I absolutely love her spirit.” - Natalie H.

“I enjoyed the class. It was my first time at yoga. I am a senior citizen, and I can’t wait for the next class. My back felt so relaxed. The teacher was excellent and not intimidating. We worked at our own pace. I can’t wait for the next class.” - Cookie C.

I first met Kathleen at an educators’ professional development, where we were offered various options, one being yoga. Kathleen’s yoga class was amazing. It was just what I needed. as an educator, mother, and wife, balance is difficult. Kathleen’s class helped me put things into perspective. I needed to improve in the area of self care and mindfulness. I never felt this relaxed, centered, and in tune with myself until I took Kathleen’s class. Thank you!

"Kathleen was an awesome instructor! I felt so relaxed at the end of our {one on one} session. She pushed me to really work hard and go with the flow. I was so happy with how much I was able to do. The flow of the class was perfect. I highly recommend a private with Kathleen!" -Jordan B.

“Kathleen is so gentle and also so intense, all at once.” – Sheila


“So welcoming. So caring. So relaxing. The movement to the music takes you to a place you didn’t know you could go, a place you didn’t know your mind would allow you to go.”

“Very relaxing, and very intense.” – Tanya W.

 "Today's yoga session allowed me to learn things about myself mentally, physically and spiritually and how they are all connected. Going through my daily life I find myself thinking about the things I learn during my yoga practice. Things like my breathing, posture, letting go of things I can't control and living in the present moment.  Kathleen summarized in a session what I try to organize in my mind daily."  Tammy W.

“Wonderful and relaxing class.” - Barbara


“You were very inspiring. I enjoyed it.”

”Kathleen is a wonderful, lovely yoga teacher. Thank you.”

“Wonderful class in a beautiful setting.”

“First time doing yoga, and I love it!!!” - Makayla S.

“I absolutely enjoyed my yoga class with Ms. Kathleen. I need this because I am all over the place, not in my body but in my mind.” Lilieth M.

”Soulful. Healing. Serene. That’s Kathleen! Love her yoga (yin) class.” -Sheila H.

“Thank you for a relaxing and peaceful evening.”


“Thank you very much. I enjoyed your class and it makes me want to get back to yoga again. I feel great! Thank you.” - Barbara C.


“I liked yoga today.” - Hana


“Kathleen is an excellent teacher and instructor. Her stretches really work out the kinks and loosen the body and mind. Looking forward to the next class.”


“So this was my very first yoga class, and I really didn’t know what to expect! It was surprisingly very relaxing! I stretched muscles I haven’t in 35 years. I will be back!”

“Amazing job, warrior!”

“As a beginner, I really felt welcome and celebrated! Fantastic experience!” - Mary S.


“This was a REALLY GOOD CLASS! The poses were helpful and supportive. The pace was perfect! All around great class.” - Kiaraa

“I truly enjoyed my session. Happy I came from Cinnaminson Meditation Center.” - Keturah

“Kathleen is the best, and I look forward to monthly classes at Lifetime!”


“I really liked how you talked about where the stretch was supposed to be.”

“Totally enjoy Kathleen’s yoga class.”

“Kathleen has a very soothing voice. It was a relaxing and invigorating practice all at the same time.”


"Very soothing, excellent, slow yoga. Just what I needed" -- Yany M.


"Great class. Love you, Kathleen" 

"Amazing first yoga session helping build confidence after breaking six vertebrae two years ago." -- John M.


“Awesome first yoga session with Kathleen! An experience!”  -- Lauren T.


“This was an amazing class.”  -- Alexia N. 

“Kathleen makes learning yoga easy and fun.”


 “Kathleen’s Surrender [yin] class was relaxing and peaceful. I so appreciated her time and quiet surrender!” -- Vince & Jody

“Evening Surrender [yin] yoga was the perfect way to recover from a tough training session. Kathleen has a very soothing practice. Namaste.”

“Kathleen’s yoga class was amazing. I am so relaxed after taking her class. Can’t wait for the next class.” --Debbie S.

“I like the way you took us from one pose to the next in a nice flow. I felt that balance and strength from left to right”—Norma

“I left the class feeling renewed and better connected to myself and my world”—Ida G.

“Thank you for 4 weeks of yoga in Pittsgrove; enjoying every minute of it!”—Sherri

“Very good class. I enjoy it.”

“I enjoy your class. It’s different from others--still relaxing and enjoyable.” -- Rita

“Very good class to end the day after a very stressful and awful week.” -- Mary Kate M.

“Kathleen is amazing!! Her class is great. You leave relaxed--very zen! She makes yoga so approachable, especially for beginners like myself. She makes it easy. No judgments in her class. I always look forward to her classes. I’m a fan!”  -- Tianta

“I feel very relaxed and uplifted. Thank you again! You are excellent at what you do!” -- Helen

“Thank you for a class that isn’t stressful. My favorite poses are the inversion poses. So, again, thanks!” -- K.L.