How Could a Yoga Practice Possibly Change My Life?!

I would have had the same question if someone said something so dramatic to me before I started practicing yoga and meditation regularly. Yoga is a practice of self exploration. Most people are surprised to learn that traditional yoga poses are simply meant to warm and stretch the body to sit comfortably in meditation for long periods. Meditation involves concentrating on your breath and the sensations in your body rather than allowing your mind to race from one thought to the next. Did you know the average person has between 50 and 70 THOUSAND thoughts each day? No wonder we’re stressed out!!!


Meditation is the discipline of concentrating on your breath and allowing those thoughts to pass by without labeling them as good or bad. The more you practice, the easier it becomes to do this even off your yoga mat and live in the space of peaceful awareness of the present moment, or mindfulness.  

It’s this power over our thoughts that is life changing. How? Well, our thoughts shape our beliefs about ourselves. Our beliefs affect our behaviors. Our behaviors shape our habits. Our habits shape the way we live our lives.

If is our fundamentally limiting beliefs about ourselves that keep us from living our most fulfilled lives. Examples of these include: “I’m too fat to date” “I’m too stupid to go back to school”, “I’m too shy to go to parties”, “I’m a failure”.

Change your thoughts, and everything changes. Make sense?